Calvin's card

Calvin "Freckle" McMurray

Calvin McMurray- nicknamed 'Freckle' by his cousin Rocky - is a shy, quiet eighteen year old who had noble aspirations of joining the police. The police weren't appreciative of his 'particular brand of enthusiasm' for firearms, and a yet-to-be-described incident saw him rejected from the force. As a result he has been convinced to follow Rocky around watching him failing at being a whiskey and gin runner and wearing a nice hat.

As the reasons for his rejection from the Police might suggest, quiet, shy Freckle isn't quite so shy and quiet where firearms are concerned. He showed off his enthusiasm for firearms to lethal effect when squaring off against the pig farmers in the first volume.

Ivy has an interest in him, though it's not quite clear to what extent he reciprocates.

He got the nickname Freckle as when he was very young, Rocky shaved off all the fur on his little cousin's face to discover that he had a single freckle.

He has a slightly Irish accent that he picked up from his mother.