Lackadaisy Valentino

A Lackadaisy preview featuring Mordecai Heller and Viktor Vasko.


Mordecai: People are impertinent these days, Viktor.

Viktor: Vhat?

Mordecai: That woman has been staring at us since we walked in here. It's rude.

Viktor: She is not staring. She is making eyes at you.

Mordecai: Well, what exactly is she hoping to achieve by doing that?

Viktor: Vaiting to see if you give her back the look.

Mordecai: The look?

Viktor: Yah-dark. Ehh, smoulder look like Valentino.

Mordecai: You mean smouldering. Something like this?

Viktor: No.

Mordecai: Am I doing it now?

Viktor: No.

Mordecai: Is this it?

Viktor: Maybe happier. Little bit.

Mordecai: Howis thi-

Viktor: NO.

Viktor: ...Vorse.

Viktor: Dark look like Valentino is different thing from dark look like, ehh, I vill like to murder your family...vith icepick. Probably.

Mordecai: That wasn't remotely like the icepick look. But perhaps I need a lesson in nuance. Shall I step aside so you can make eye at her, sheik?

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