The members of the Marigold gang, as sort of a foil to the Lackadaisy Gang, are:

  • Mordecai Heller. He accompanies Asa frequently, and is probably not afraid to be the one doing the dirty work. It's hard to tell, what with him being completely emotionless all the time.
  • Nico Savoy. He's very good at hands-on fighting, as has been shown by a boxing award. The siblings were found by Asa Sweet after they had been stealing shipments of alcohol from him. He decided the cost of trying to bring them down in both money and dead people would be too high, and so set about acquiring them for himself.
  • Serafine owns an automatic rifle who she has affectionately dubbed Boudreaux. She does not hesitate to use it.

Their uniform consists of a black, three button suit with a red tie, white shirt and a marigold in the breast pocketm although only Mordecai and Serafine bother with it.