A creamy southern beauty with sad green eyes.

A rather curvaceous bundle of sugary-sweet ambition Mitzi, is Atlas' widow and the current owner of the Lackadaisy establishment. Once upon a time, before marrying, she was a Jazz Age prima donna. Now that Atlas is gone and Lackadaisy is in her hands, she's still a prima donna of sorts, but she's also just establishing her footing as a entrepenuer. She's off to a shaky start, but she's nearly imperturbable. As its new owner, Mitzi faces slacking sales, doubts about her ability, and the looming cloud of her husband's murder, for which there are rumors that she may have had involvement in.

Mitzi, whose real name is Mary Ellen Montgomery, hails from Georgia and thus far has refused to divulge her age. Mitzi is relatively manipulative, pursuing Wick in the hope that he could provide money and business, and seems unperturbed by the criminal nature of her job. However, despite these darker aspects of her personality, she appears to have genuinely loved her husband and is very possesive of the pearl necklace her gave her when she was younger. She also seems to genuinely care for Wick, despite her circumstances forcing her to steal from him.


  • Her look, according to Tracy, was mainly inspired by Clara Bow.