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Nico is a third of the Marigold Gang, along with his sister, Serafine Savoy . Nico's birth name is Nicodeme, but that's too long, so most of the characters(and fans) call him Nico.

  • Born 1900, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Nico enjoys fishing and killing people, which are more related than they sound. Fishing involves killing fish and eating them. Killing people involves killing people, and hopefully not eating them.
  • Nico seems to have been engineered specifically to stir up craziness amongst the fangirls. He does not have the prime spot as fan darling(belonging to his co-worker, Mordecai Heller ), but then again, he has only been in two strips so far where he bounced dialogue off of his sister.
  • Nico is a very carefree, nonchalant type person. He is not at all bothered(at least, he doesn't seem to be) about both fishing and killing people. He seems to have no consience at all.