Nina McMurray,s bio

Nina (Jeannine) McMurray is a widowed, aggressively Irish Catholic mother of one. Her son is Freckle (Calvin) McMurray and she was married to the late Carroll McMurray. Her sister was the late Sophie Rickaby, whose son still relies on his dear old aunt for laundry, and she disliked Rocky's father when he was around. She makes a living doing laundry for her neighbours.

In "Reciprocity", Rocky visits Nina and Freckle to drop off laundry with Nina. In exchange she asks Rocky to bring Freckle with him while he runs errands, explaining that Freckle has been depressed since an "incident" during his training to become a police officer.

That night, in "Dysphoria", Nina sympathizes with a restless Freckle, telling him that he will feel better once he has found a steady job. When his restlessness, manifested by a desire to fix things around the home, becomes irksome, Nina orders Freckle to bed. Freckle later takes his Lackadaisy pin and sneaks out of the house.

The next morning, in "Daybreak", Rocky visits, and Nina tells him that Freckle is in bed. After Nina tells him to wake Freckle up so that he can find work, Rocky states that he has found a job for Freckle.

Rocky encounters Nina after leaving Freckle's bedroom in "Somersault". Rocky claims that Freckle will be working as an "errand boy of sorts" at Little Daisy. His glib responses to her questions result in her pushing him down the stairs, after which she tells him that if he really loves Freckle he will keep Freckle out of trouble.

In "Homestead", Ivy horrifies Rocky and Freckle by asking whether she will get to meet Nina, as they are parked outside the McMurray House. Freckle enters his home in "Correspondence", and is questioned by Nina as to his activities during the day.