Serafine Savoy is half a notorious hitman duo, the other half of which is her brother, Nicodeme Savoy (see Estrogen Brigade Bait ). She is 25 at the start of the comic.

  • Born 1902 in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Serafine and her brother are employed as the Marigold Gang alongside their equally deadly coworker, Mordecai Heller . They are neither as emotionally challenged, but are bother just as dangerous.
  • Serafine is a practitioner of voodoo. Her competence with it has been questioned, but... We'll see.
  • Serafine owns an automatic rifle, with which she appearantly has an emotional connection. She named this dead hunk of metal "Boudreaux".
  • Both Serafine and her brother have thick Cajun accents. It is sometimes hard for people not used to their affectations to decipher what they are trying to say(Mo'cai ).
  • She seems very close to her brother - they are featured in only two updates so far, where they bounced dialogue off of each other. They seem almost part of a matched set, though both have unique characteristics.


  • According to Tracy when asked on tumblr, Serafine's design and personality is influeneced by Marie Laveau, Josephine Baker, Carmen Amaya and Gladys Bentley.